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I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. New Zealand is where I'm from. I graduated eight years ago. During training, I must have written 30 papers (or assignments in New Zealand). As the years passed, I became more knowledgeable. You will submit complete portfolios for every paper that you take in your third year.
My second semester in a BSN program was my second. We wrote four essays of two pages each and one essay of six pages. We have three longer (10-page) essays and six shorter (2-page) essays this semester.
This is a 3-year degree. It is a very high level of academic writing. There are many universities and institutes that offer the Bachelor of Nursing. You must have it in order to practice as a RN. However, the programs all have to adhere to the same standards set by the NZ nursing regulator.
It's crazy that you say you have only written a handful of papers.